Why is wine not just a business item for us?

At the beginning Vinum Bonum was a hobby for me and my friend and classmate from Brno University, Lada. We met long before the Velvet Revolution and we both loved good wine.

During wanderings in Moravia, we and many other friends gradually discovered many splendid wines even though Moravian wineries hardly awakened in the early nineties from the Bolshevik "large-scale production" of the Prague cellar masters, the Ostravský kahan and similar "goodies". The older ones remember.

Whoever, a few years after the revolution, saw a beam of light in the dark, perhaps thanks to wines of the winegrower Jožka Peřina from the then ZOD Mikulov, remembers with tears in the eyes on the wooden era of the modern Moravian winery.

But why couldn't have we ordered these wines as guests in restaurants that we sometimes visited? There was no one who would pick the wines in Moravia, make an offer and regularly deliver them to the restaurants.

It was at that time when the idea of taking supplies of restaurants and hotels into our own hands was born. In order to get what we think is the best not only at home.

And to not rest on one's laurels, constantly improving and expanding the selection. Keeping high expecations on quality. We resolved the dilemma of quality before the business started.

We contacted many potential clients and some of them were our friends at the same time.

Yet, I can't offer my friends anything that I don't find good. I would have to drink it with them too. Brrr, what a terrible idea! It is better to teach them and make them used to drinking quality wine.

Wine makes people come together. After all, any client may soon become a friend. I won't change my mind about a specific wine and say to the client this wine is good, but now when he is my friend, I will tell him to drink something better.

But how to distinguish who is a friend and who is "just" a client? The company has to make money. It will make money because it won't offer anything that we wouldn't stand for.

Simple solution. If wine doesn't taste good and I find it bad, I won't offer it to anyone else.

It is a long way to go, but I hope everyone – who we met thanks to wine during past two decades – will confirm it.

We create addiction in a good sense. The addiction to quality.

We don't even have time to taste bad wine. Previously, we sometimes visited our friends whose wine was not worth to taste. That's better not to drink anything.

It isn't like that today anymore. A wide circle of our friends and acquaintances has the same preferences as we do. Perhaps we have contributed a little thanks to more than past 22 years.

Life is too short, let's not waste our time with bad wines.