Terms and Conditions:

Payment Terms

Seller agrees to supply the buyer with the goods listed in the order. The order is obligatory and on the basis of the order, the seller will send the goods within 5 business days to the address provided by the buyer. In case, when the buyer pre-pay to the seller's account, the goods will be shipped only after the money has been added to the account of the seller. If the goods are not in stock, the buyer will be notified immediately within two days after placing the order. Buyer agrees to receipt over the goods and pay the agreed purchase price according to the chosen form of payment and delivery.

Payment method

The buyer can pay the price of the goods by:

Delivery date

Goods will be delivered within 5 business days after placing the order. Orders received after 4 PM will automatically be considered as received the next day. In case the ordered goods are not in stock, the seller will come to an agreement with the buyer about delivering the goods depending on the availability of the missing item.


When ordering over 3000,- CZK with VAT, we ship for free (in the Czech republic).

When ordering less 3000,- CZK including VAT, we will charge shipping of 180,- CZK without VAT.

Property rights

The ownership right passes to the buyer at the moment of payment of the goods.

Warranty terms

If the goods are defective after receipt the goods by the buyer, the buyer may claim his / her legitimate claim. The length of the warranty period is governed by applicable law provisions.


Buyer must notify seller in writing (by e-mail) of the found defects. In a written notice, the buyer will identify the defects found, ie what defects they are and how they manifest themselves. The complaint must be accompanied by a copy of the invoice and proof of the payment and delivery of the goods for which the defects are claimed.
The seller is not responsible for damage caused by external events and misconduct. The warranty does not apply to defects of these origins. The seller is responsible to finish the complaint without unnecessary delay or to inform the buyer about complaint's current situation.

Withdrawal from the purchase agreement

In accordance with Act No. 367/2000 Coll. the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from receipt of the goods.
Guarantees do not include shipping charges. If the buyer decides to withdraw within the deadline, he / she will send the goods to the address listed in the contact section under the following conditions:

Goods must be sent registered and insured, as we are not liable for any loss on the way to us. Also, the goods cannot be sent for cash on delivery, such sent goods will not be accepted. Upon meeting all of the above conditions for returning the goods, we will send the money by transfer to the customer's account within 14 business days after the physical receipt of the goods by us.
V případě nesplnění některé z výše uvedených podmínek nebudeme akceptovat odstoupení od spotřebitelské smlouvy a zboží bude vráceno na náklady odesílajícího zpět.

Managing personal data

Vinum Bonum, s.r.o. undertakes to fully respect your confidential personal data. Buyers can rely on their data to be protected against unauthorized access and abuse. However, personal data is necessary for the identification of the buyer for the e-commerce operation.